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Impact of our solutions on our customers

– 60%

– 47%

– 50%

overall management costs

of household waste incinerated

of CO2 emissions

The well-being of the environment is our priority

Reducing the overall environmental impact of the waste supply chain is one of Ecowaste’s main priorities. All our solutions are designed to reduce the CO2 footprint. Thanks to the weight tax and access control, the quality of sorting is improved, which leads to a reduction of incinerable waste and increases the revalorization of other types of waste.

What do you want to achieve?

Reduce incinerated waste


Ensuring the quality of waste streams and avoiding tourism


Improving the quality of life in your neighbourhoods


Reduce your collection costs


Keeping control of your waste billing


Simplify the management of your waste centre


Optimise your fleet management and plan your collection rounds using the shortest routes


The WISE management platform

Whether you are a municipality, a company or a collector, whether your containers are equipped with ecologistics or not, the WISE platform allows you to reduce your waste management costs and increase the efficiency of your administration. Our platform is ergonomic and easy to use, allowing you to consult all data and information online, without having to install or update any software.

Our solutions at a glance

Effective tools to achieve ambitious and measurable improvement targets for waste collection and treatment.

Tax by weight scale

The household waste scales can be integrated into a wide range of containers. Your customers will be charged according to the weight of their waste.

Access control for containers

An electromechanical container lock consisting of an RFID card reader and a solid lock. It is adaptable to different types of underground and semi-underground containers.

Management system for waste disposal centres

An access control system with a barrier for waste disposal sites, suitable for cars, trucks and pedestrians.

Probe for level measurement

Ultrasonic probes allow you to measure the fill level of your containers.

What are the advantages of EcoWaste?


Optimisation of collection costs and recycling performance.


Reducing the environmental impact of waste logistics.


Reduction of the overall management costs of public authorities and citizens.

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A team at your service 

Ecowaste is first and foremost a team of complementary and supportive specialists at your service. With our consultants, engineers, technicians, production workshop, after-sales service and customer service, we accompany you from A to Z in the realisation of your projects related to intelligent waste management.

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