Management system for waste disposal centres


What is the waste management system ?

Ecowaste offers several solutions for waste management. In the case of a waste disposal site, electronic units can be installed :

Access control

Gates and barriers regulating access to the site, thanks to an electronic locking of the barrier with a card reader that is adaptable to cars, trucks and pedestrians.

Scale by weight/volume/unit

Floor scales for weighing waste (Ecowaste electronics are approved at European level for this purpose).

A large number of waste streams can be managed in a waste disposal centre. These are determined by the local authority in charge of the waste facility according to the actual needs. Below is an example of a management system dashboard for a waste disposal centre : 

Scoreboard of a waste disposal site


The advantages of access control for waste disposal centres

Avoids waste tourism.

Takes into account the typology of private/business users to improve your service.



Optimises the management of your waste centre according to the needs of your population.

Optimises the management of your waste centre according to the needs of your population.

Analyses the periods of frequentation.

Some characteristics

Self-sufficient installations thanks to optimised technologies

No connection to the electricity grid

Photovoltaic panels

New generation lithium battery, long life without recharging

4G communications

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