Weighing scale forhousehold waste


What is the weighing scale ?

This product was originally designed for the Swiss market where each municipality is obliged to apply a proportional tax for household waste. This participatory system can take the form of a volume tax, with the sale of taxed bags or drum lids, or a weight tax; weighing the waste is the most efficient solution in financial, ecological and ethical terms.
The household waste scales can be integrated into a wide range of semi-/underground containers and compactors. Accuracy and reliability of weighing are of paramount importance in the context of the weight-based fee. That is why our scales are certified by the Federal Office of Metrology to European standards and can measure to an accuracy of +/- 50g.



savings compared to volume taxation


less waste incinerated

The advantages of the tax by weight scale 

Cost reduction

With the weight-based fee, users have a strong incentive to sort more. This leads to a reduction in burnable waste of up to 65%. This means that the costs of transport and incineration of this type of waste will decrease accordingly. In addition, the combined use of the level measures leads to significant reductions in collection costs.

Increased income

The incentive power of the weight tax leads to an increase in the collection of recyclable portions. The customer can benefit financially from the fact that the recyclable portions can be revalued later on.

Fairness, ethics and flexibility

The polluter-pays principle of the weight tax naturally favours citizens who pay particular attention to waste sorting. Everyone pays for their own consumption. In addition, residents can drop off their bags whenever they wish. There is no need to wait in order to maximise the volume (taxed bag or drum): no more heavy nor smelly bags.

Quality of life in the neighbourhood

Our systems make it possible to manage opening hours and prevent night-time deposits. Underground/semi-buried containers avoid the accumulation of malodorous waste while improving the aesthetic appearance to the neighbourhood compared with wheelie bins.

Environmental protection

The incentive to sort reduces the amount of burnt waste. Collections are optimised thanks to the integrated measurement tools. The collection rounds are planned to empty the right containers at the right time. As a result, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption are greatly reduced.

Retrofitting possible

Do you already have containers and would you like to switch to the weight-based fee? No problem, thanks to its flexibility, the weighing module can be installed in an existing container at any time!


Our scale, developed and manufactured in Switzerland, can be installed on the majority of 5’000L underground and semi-underground containers of several brands.

Some characteristics

Self-sufficient installations thanks to optimised technologies

No connection to the electricity grid

Photovoltaic panels

New generation lithium battery, long life without recharging

4G communications

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